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really gay live hand
  JSquids, Jul 06 2011

played live last nite in the back of a resteraunt (a weekly game)

its 1/3 and 9 handed. i got 100bb

i have been playing with these guys for about 3 or 4 hours or so, pretty sober so i can really pay attention... i get into a hand with an loose/aggro player who had forced me to fold 3 or 4 times in the night. almost all of those times were when id make a late pf raise, get called and c/f the flop. he was a thinking player who pretty much trys to sense weakness...

so i get A7s in the CO+2 and i make it $12 to go.... (this is somewhat standard small raise in this game) i get called by the guy... flop comes down J 9 3. i check and he bets $30. i call. the turn comes another 9. he bets $70 now and i call. at this point im like so sure hes got absolutly shit. so the river comes its a 5. he shoves all in for remaining $150... i think for like 2 seconds and say call and insta flip over A high.

he was going to muck his cards when i said call but i showed to fast and he realized his bluff hand actually beat my bluff catcher... he showed up with A10...... if i wouldnt have flipped my A over i woulda took down the pot since he is like an insta mucker..... fucking god damn it........

so gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i got up n left i was too tilted to reload

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SC2 Micro maps
  JSquids, Jun 30 2011

anyone have any good ones??? such as the classic one from SC1... where its about 31 rounds...

i cant find a good micro map at all to play someone 1v1 in...

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RPM poker. i cant win
  JSquids, May 13 2011

im not really intending this to be a whine post at all... but i really cant figure out why i cant beat this site....when i was on stars i was crushing 50nl and i could marginally beat 100nl...

so long story short i put in 250 on RPM poker to play 25nl and just grind it up with my deposit bonus and 35% rakeback i thought id be rolled for 50nl in no time... boy was i fuckin' wrong.

i played about 5K hands in 2 days and im simply getting beat. seems like i cant stack anyone nor win many hands. iv tryed tightening up a bit and i tryed to fold more and play a more carefull conservitive style game but nothing seems to work. im playing 6 max and 5 of the 6 that i sit with at 6 tables are regs that i have 1K hands on already (thats alot considering i only have 5k hands) i know its a tiny hand sample but i think that this clearly has something to do with the US ban... iom a US plyer thats why i went to this site, and also 4 of the 6 players im at a table with ARE US players.

now is there a connection with the skill level and amount of regs with the poker ban??? am i just simply playing other 25 and 50nl regs that did the same exact thing as me? go and run to a small poker site???

I dont know, im annoyed i have a few houndred in prop bets with freinds and i dont think im going to be able to win lol.

just had to vent a little bit. feeling super frustrated with this broken ankle, been laid up in bed for 2 weeks now, spend about 10 days in the hospital after it happened, and im getting tight....

thx for reading c u on the felt.

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